Delivering value-based care in the home.

“What can we do in the home?” is top-of-mind for every executive. As plans strive to support their members’ growing desire to heal at home, we are expanding the clinical and management capabilities that enable serving more post-acute and home-based patients, while meeting shared performance goals. Home is where your patients want to be.

The onehome difference.

The need for post-acute and home-based care (PAHC) has never been greater. As the movement to home healthcare strives for better health and financial outcomes benefitting patients and plans, providers must have the capability to implement comprehensive care. Most providers don’t have the dedicated resources for total care in the home — we do. Our unique model creates true alignment between the health plan, delegated at-risk entity, clinicians in the field and member, leading to better care, higher satisfaction and lower costs.

The Challenge:

Scaling a value-based
care model for the home.

The question is: how can we keep patients safe and cared for? Where the traditional home care model fails, onehome succeeds.
To guarantee value-based care for an expanding number of members who want to heal at home,
you need more than a home healthcare provider — you need a model that can grow with demand.

The traditional approach:
spiraling costs, unhappy members.

Traditionally, there have been two standard approaches to providing care in the home: implementing utilization review and prior authorization processes of the health plan’s existing network, and partnering with network and utilization management vendors that act as intermediaries. In a world of growing demand for keeping patients home and healthy, these approaches no longer work due to frequent patient and provider abrasion, minimal impact on clinical quality and outcomes and unsustainable savings and payment models.

The onehome way:
a modern solution to an outdated approach.

How we deliver care in the home is as vital to our model as what we provide. Our onehome infrastructure enables us to close gaps, deliver better clinical outcomes and control costs with our vertically-integrated home healthcare agencies, infusion pharmacy and DME operations, and many other programs. We can pair this operation with traditional benefits management tools such as preferred networks. onehome is the chassis that drives the entire medical and benefits management vehicle in the home for a better member experience.

The road home:
a patient-provider partnership.

The ultimate goal is to transition a patient to their home and deliver the right care in a timely manner. This includes any type of care, equipment, or medication they may need in order to remain independent at home. The best way to achieve this and also drive value to our plan partners is to put our own clinical feet on the street.

The onehome model.

A single point of accountability. Integration across core services. Benefits management.
Care delivery with employed clinicians. This is how we bring healing home.

Analysis of home healthcare, DME, and home infusion.

Understand PAHC savings opportunities and whole patient goals.

Medical economics & clinical collaborate closely to assess current PAHC spend, gap-closure needs, and total cost-of-care targets to develop a value-based pricing approach.

Optimized network for quality, integration, and savings.

A mix of employed and contracted PAHC providers.

Existing plan network quality, IDN relationships, provider regulatory requirements and other factors drive a mix of employed and contracted home healthcare, DME, and home infusion services.

MSO-like delegated administrative and provider support functions.

Medical management, network, care coordination, claims, and technology.

Wrap-around services enable providers to succeed in risk and value-based contracting models and provide additional savings to plan partners.

A clinical outcomes-oriented approach to quality.

Programs developed based on data, plan needs, and onehome’s mission.

Programs range from gap closure to wound care bundles, and enable a broader impact beyond traditional home healthcare, DME and home infusion.

Numbers that speak
for themselves


in estimated savings when choosing onehome


members attributed under risk-based contracts


monthly patient

SNF@home program spotlight: an enhanced home healthcare program.

onehome’s success is driven by close alignment with our plan partners’ needs, and by clinical and operational teammates who are passionate about getting patients home quickly and comfortably. We developed an enhanced home healthcare program we call SNF@home that provides intensive rehab, skilled nursing, and aide services paired with technology and physician involvement, to enable eligible members to go directly home, rather than to a facility.

Wound Care Bundle program spotlight: evidence-based for faster healing.

onehome developed its innovative Wound Care Bundles program to benefit PCPs and members by providing a higher quality of care at the start of wound treatment and regularly monitoring patients’ progress. Our approach achieves improved clinical outcomes and cost efficiencies such as decreased wound healing time and complications while reducing the duration of care necessary.

They trust us

  • “Many companies offer care in the home, but onehome’s infrastructure offers a new and proven way to provide all facets of post-acute homecare, while addressing age-old issues like provider fragmentation, misaligned reimbursement, and inconsistent quality. The result is improved patient satisfaction and member retention. onehome has created a superhighway that leads the future of post-acute care in the home.”
    – Ramon Falero, Co-Founder
  • “At onehome, we take healthcare personally. Behind the numbers are people who want better care for everyone in a safer place to heal. Our innovations and effort only matter if we improve our patients’ quality of life. We never lose sight of that.”
    – Cheri Rodgers, COO & Co-Founder
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